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"A Message From Archangel Raphael..."
Are you sick of being sick?

Are you tired of being tired? 

Battling creaky joints... Chronic conditions... Depressing doctor’s reports... 
Do you feel betrayed by your own body?
Here’s the good news... With what I’m about to show you...

You can start to rejuvenate your health... Starting right now. 
I want to introduce you to Archangel Raphael - also known as the Divine Physician.
Raphael is one of three archangels mentioned by name in The Bible. Raphael is the angel sent by God to cure Jacob's thigh injury after Jacob's battle with a dark enemy. In the famous legend of the flood, Raphael handed Noah a "medical book" when the rain had stopped.

Numerous miraculous healings have occured when He’s in the picture. 

Archangel Raphael is the legendary healer. His ray is the color of spring and rejuvenation. Green is the healing color of nature. It combines the bright, yellow power of fire, like the sun, with the grounded power of nature, the earth, to create beauty and vitality all around. It is the green of life-giving chlorophyll, created by the sun's action on the fertile earth, that restores man to health, sustaining and connecting him to his Creator.

In just a moment, your pain can disappear forever. 

Because announcing...  
7 Day Healing Miracle
How to Connect With the Archangel of Healing - RAPHAEL - And Experience The Health of Your Youth.
There was a vision from a renowned seer. In it, he visualized.
“I saw a white room. It was shining light. In it, I saw what look like body parts... Hearts... Lungs... Hands.. .Legs... And all parts of the human anatomy floating around. 

I saw angels rushing in and grabbing in random body parts. It was then I suddenly realised why.  

Upon Archangel Raphael’s request, the angels were answering prayers for healing by replacing sick body parts with the healthy ones! The angels were essentially doing replacement surgery!” 
Well imagine that... Brand new knees to replace arthritis... A pancreas to replace your diabetes-ridden one... Lungs to replace your asthmatic fits...

Now imagine no more... 

Because you’ll learn how to recite prayers that can touch the heart of the Archangel who’s in charge of all of that. 

Your health problems will be no more. Your energy levels will return. 
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Here's What You Get
7 Day Prosperity Miracle
How to Connect With the Archangel of Healing - RAPHAEL - And Experience The Health of Your Youth.
(Ditigal Product)
(Value: $99)
This generous 30,000 word book offers, rituals, visualizations and other practical techniques for contacting the "guardian angel of all humanity." 

You get a full-on download of spiritual healing... A “medical textbook” for angelic regeneration of body, mind and soul. 

And wait there’s more... 
FREE Bonus #1
7 Day Healing Prayer Journal
7 Days to Unbelievable Breathtaking Healing
(Ditigal Product)
(Value: $67)
Really, this is the ultimate companion to have a literal lifeline to the Archangel Raphael. Here’s why.

First, there’s the science... 
  • ​The scientific journal JAMA published a remarkable study in 1999 where 47.1% of patients had clinically relevant improvement from asthma and rheumatoid arthritis after they journaled
  •  In 2004 research published in Psychosomatic Medicine, a New Zealand study highlighted 76% of patients achieved healing from symptoms of HIV symptoms when they put pen to paper.
  •  And last but not least, Scientific American Mind revealed a 2013 study that found 76% of adults who spent 20 minutes writing about their thoughts and feelings for three consecutive days two weeks before a medically necessary biopsy were fully healed 11 days later.
FULLY. HEALED. Awe-inspiring, no? 

Then, there’s the art. The actual prayers that rehabilitate your body. 

Once you couple it with these 7 prayers, you’ll unleash a floodgate of divine restoration the likes you’d never seen .  

And wait there’s more... 
FREE Bonus #2
7 Day Healing Prayer Journal (Audio Edition)
7 Days to Unbelievable Breathtaking Healing
(Ditigal Product)
(Value: $67)
You’ll also be getting an audio version of these powerful prayers. 

These MP3s are specially engineered for a relaxing, accessible and transformational inward journey. 

Listen to them in the car, on a jog or doing housework. Be totally amazed as your mind is primed to receive the opulence of the Universe.  

It’s time to experience utterly lavish wealth.  

And wait there’s more... 
FREE Bonus #3
A Song of Strength
The Secret Frequency That Brings Miraculous Healing Like a Skilled Doctor (5.35Hz)
(Ditigal Product)
(Value: $47)
Did you know you can heal your body using specific frequencies? 

Called Biofeedback... You’re now able to flush out the toxins in your body using the power of sound.  

Even the great inventor Nikola Tesla revealed: 

“If you could eliminate certain outside frequencies that interfered with our bodies, we would have greater resistance toward disease.”

With that in mind, I have specially recorded the optimum angelic frequency for a variety of health conditions. You can now enjoy it in crystal clear MP3.

And wait there’s more...  
FREE Bonus #4
Angelic Reiki Healing Made Easy
(Ditigal Product)
(Value: $47)
Angelic Reiki is a safe, high frequency, multidimensional system of healing.

Angelic Reiki works at a Soul level, treating the root cause of any condition, promoting very deep healing and transformation. During a treatment, both practitioner and recipient are connected to pure divine energy through the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

This allows very high vibrational energies of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Healers to work on the recipient to help release physical, ancestral, emotional and karmic imbalances across all time.

Archangel Metatron describes Angelic Reiki as ‘The New Healing for Our Time’, and says it will be paramount in bringing one of the highest forms of healing to individuals, groups and the planet. 

Now, you can have access to this powerful information for free. 
The 7 Day Prosperity Miracle Comprises of...
  • A seance with the Archangel Raphael to access the Heavenly Hospital
  • 7 wonderful prayers that help unleash miraculous healing
  •  The magical frequency which even Nicholas Tesla endorses for health and healing
  •  Introduction to the revolutionary technique of Angelic Reiki Healing to speed up the restorative process
  •  And much more...
Say goodbye to the chains of illness that has caused suffering in the past. You’re going to be set free, the shackles are going to snap... 

You’ll enjoy the health and energy of your youth. 
And you will get all that only for $67. That's a HUGE $197.95 OFF Discount.

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