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“The Angelic Secret That Can Help You MANIFEST THE LOTTERY... And Other Prosperity Blessings... Effortlessly And Almost INSTANTLY!”
Do you look at these headlines and view them with just a small tinge of jealousy?
“Dublin Bus drivers who won $26.6 Million take day off work.”
“National Lottery winners: Couple David and Carol Martin reveal first words following £33.3 million jackpot win”
“New York Man Buys Slim Jims for His Dog, Lottery Ticket, Wins $10 Million”
Don’t you wish you can win just a fraction of that? Even a little goes a long way, don’t you think?

Enough to pay your bills, settle your debts, put your kids in a good school, have nice things once in a while? 

The good news is with what I’m about to show you... You can start manifesting good luck and fortune on that level. 

In fact, with these exact words, you can put Raziel, the Archangel of prosperity to work for you... 

Smiling over you... Granting you the unlimited riches you deserve.

I present to you... 
7 Day Prosperity Miracle
How to Connect With the Archangel of Prosperity - RAZIEL - And Reap the Fullness of Blessings  
Did you know Heaven has a perfect prosperity plan for your life already? 
It’s almost like the Universe has granted you a bank account that’s filled with money and multiple zeroes at the end. However, you need to know how to obtain access. 

Though Raziel’s name means “God’s Secret”,
it means so much more. Raziel is all about
revealing God’s secret so that you may
receive the infinite abundance God has
always wanted to give to you. 
And the most precious part of the secret is that God wants you to become just like Him - source of infinite abundance.

Raziel will help you with any manner of secrets, but the biggest secret is the one God
wants to reveal to you - How to have constant access to every possible blessing.
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7 Day Prosperity Miracle
How to Connect With the Archangel of Prosperity - RAZIEL - And Reap the Fullness of Blessing  

(Ditigal Product)

(Value: $99)
This is a stunning 30,000 words ebook packed with heavenly wisdom on how to become a “desire magnet” - attracting your deepest, most closely-held dreams - no matter how wild or outlandish.

The more you read this, the more convinced you are that the 7 Day Prosperity Miracle is the answer to boost your finance you’d been looking for.
FREE Bonus #1
7 Day Prosperity Prayer Journal
7 Days to Amazing Angelic Abundance

(Ditigal Product)

(Value: $67)
When people are just starting on working to amplify their Prosperity Consciousness they often seem to feel frustrated that nothing or very little appears to be happening for them. Here’s the good news, it's simply all below the surface.

You possess lavish treasure buried under your noses. The 7 day Prosperity Miracle Prayer Journal is the shovel to dig through and access the rubies, diamonds and sapphires found in the mysteries of the universe.  
  •  On Day 2, you’ll learn a prayer to release negative energy so no “money thieves” can rob you of the awakened wealth you deserve.
  •  On Day 5, you’ll learn a prayer to increase your capacity to receive. There’s no point for the universe to give if your vessel is small. Here’s how you replace a water jug with a full-on water tank.
  •  On Day 7, you’ll learn a prayer to multiply your finances and preserve it for future generations. Treat this as a prevention mechanism so that your money doesn’t evaporate with your children.
  •  And much, much more. 
FREE Bonus #2
7 Day Prosperity Prayer Journal (Audio Edition)
7 Days to Amazing Angelic Abundance

(Ditigal Product)

(Value: $67)
You’ll also be getting an audio version of these powerful prayers. 

These MP3s are specially engineered for a relaxing, accessible and transformational inward journey. 

Listen to them in the car, on a jog or doing housework. Be totally amazed as your mind is primed to receive the opulence of the Universe.  

It’s time to experience utterly lavish wealth.  

And wait there’s more... 
FREE Bonus #3
A Song of Substance
The Prosperity Frequency That Manifests Money At Your Beck and Call (4.5Hz)

(Ditigal Product)

(Value: $47)
Let’s rapidly increase your chances for success.

There’s a specific frequency you can tune in... Once you do that together with the prayers you recite in the journal, it literally will be raining money.  

Think of it as a precious key to a vault filled with the most mesmerising of gold and silver bars.  

This specific frequency - in carefully-recorded MP3 form - is that key.  

Can you imagine how amazing that will feel when you get to access MORE heavenly abundance that you know what to do with? 

And wait there’s more... 
FREE Bonus #4
Daily Lucky Numbers (Software)
Push-Button Daily Lucky Numbers Delivered By Your Angels

(Ditigal Product)

(Value: $149.95)
If you promise to use your lottery winnings and unexpected riches for good...

I promise to call upon the Archangel Raziel to decipher your lucky lottery numbers hidden in your name and birthday. 

Once I do, the archangel will unveil lucky lottery numbers that are made just for to you. Now, you’ll be able to use these numbers to play all types lottery games related to luck and chance. 

Imagine... you’re really just 1 click away from the pin codes to flourishing fortune and ridiculous favor.  
The 7 Day Prosperity Miracle Comprises of...
  • Wisdom that forms a “heavenly pin code” to the riches of the universe
  • 7 wonderful prayers that help unearth the “buried treasure” found just beneath your consciousness and call it out
  • The magical frequency where all good things flow
  •  Push-button lucky numbers thanks to the Archangel Raziel which you can use in all games of chance.

And you will get all that only for $97. That's a HUGE $247.95 OFF Discount.

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